Yesterday’s attack in Nice and today’s coup (attempted coup? we don’t know as I write this) have caught me by the heart. I can’t stop reading the news.

At first, my worry about this was that 1) there’s nothing I can do about it and 2) this news obsession is seriously depleting my productivity for the day.

But then I did a check-in with myself. I noticed the gathering pressure in the area around my heart. I realized that my problem is bigger than lost productivity. I’ve energetically plugged into what’s happening and to the collective energy around it.

And part of me thinks, good, because the people who are experiencing these events need to be seen and heard and prayed for. I should be plugged into that energy, shouldn’t I? But another, probably saner part of me, realizes this: yes, of course I want to save the world. And yes, I took a bodhisattva vow to help all sentient beings. However, I’m not really big enough and powerful enough to save everyone all at once, no matter how much I want to. I am strong enough to help beings, but I can only help one or two or maybe a small group at one time. And, because I’m very empathetic and compassionate, plugging into so much emotion basically fries my circuits. I need an energetic surge protector!

I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong or totally unhelpful to plug into the energy of a huge collective event. It’s informative, for one thing. And I believe the prayers help, that they feed into turning the tide from a massive negative event into a hopefully positive coming together of people who care. But I’m choosing to consciously unplug for a time. If only for my own education as someone who is learning to work with energy. I think it’s important to know when we’re plugging in, to know how it affects us when we do so. I think it’s important to consciously choose when to unplusurge protector.jpgg, to close the door for a time, to regroup, recover, and maybe prepare and plan when and how to reenter the collective consciousness of whatever is unfolding. In my case, I’m not really joking about that energetic surge protector! I recommend that all of us who are heart-centered and empathetic, those of us who are absolutely compelled by our deep worry for people we may not even know, take some time to work on our boundaries. I know I need to. I don’t want my boundary to be a wall. I want to be able to plug in. But I definitely need to develop a good filter.

Instead, having already managed to totally overload on collective energy, I find myself turning to the energetic equivalent of Malwarebytes, antivirus software, and SuperAntispyware–clearing, meditation, and reiki. If you’re feeling fried by the energy coming out of…various parts of the world, I recommend these options. If we can take time to clear our computers, we can take time to clear ourselves.

How are you handling this issue? Please comment!


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